Data Culture and Community Integration

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Task area 6: Data Culture and Community Integration

Developing and establishing a common data culture is the core objective of MaRDI. All other objectives rely heavily on the acceptance of MaRDI by the mathematical community in Germany and internationally. This task area is designed to address this challenge.


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  • Tabea Bacher
  • Joachim Escher
  • Christiane Görgen
  • Jennifer Hinneburg
  • Stephan Klaus
  • Jörg Lehnert
  • Andreas Matt
  • Daniel Ramos
  • Elisabeth Schaber
  • Rainer Sinn
  • Bernd Sturmfels
  • Bianca Violet


  • Ilka Agricola
  • Tabea Krause

Student Assistants

  • Marius Neubert
  • Halya Pidstrigach
  • Victor Zimmermann