Hasan Akin

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List of publications and datasets

PublicationDate of Publication
On the irreversibility of Moore cellular automata over the ternary field and image application2020-02-05
Three-state von Neumann cellular automata and pattern generation2019-11-21
Error correcting codes via reversible cellular automata over finite fields2018-06-13
Reversibility problem of multidimensional finite cellular automata2017-10-17
The \(p\)-adic Potts model on the Cayley tree of order three2014-05-08
Structure and reversibility of 2D hexagonal cellular automata2012-04-22
Reversibility of 1D cellular automata with periodic boundary over finite fields \({\mathbb{Z}}_{p}\)2011-06-28
Garden of Eden configurations for 2-D cellular automata with rule 2460 N2010-09-08
Modulated phase of a Potts model with competing binary interactions on a Cayley tree2010-03-26
On cellular automata over Galois rings2010-03-24
Conjugations between circle maps with a single break point2010-03-10
On the topological directional entropy2009-03-17
The topological entropy of invertible cellular automata2008-03-26
On the ergodic principle for Markov and quadratic stochastic processes and its relations2006-07-20
The topological entropy of \(n\)th iteration of an additive cellular automata2006-05-16
On the directional entropy of \(\mathbb Z^2\)-actions generated by additive cellular automata2005-11-14
On the ergodic properties of certain additive cellular automata over \(\mathbb Z_{m}\)2005-11-04
On infinite dimensional quadratic Volterra operators2005-10-10
On the measure entropy of additive cellular automata \(f_\infty\)2005-03-22

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