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12 September 2022

15 August 2022

  • curprev 10:4310:43, 15 August 2022EloiFerrer talk contribs 1,131 bytes +6 No edit summary Tag: Visual edit
  • curprev 10:4110:41, 15 August 2022EloiFerrer talk contribs 1,125 bytes +1,125 Created page with "Attendees: Johannes, Eloi, Tim Protocol: Eloi = Presentations = * Eloi: Discussion on the progress during the last two weeks (R package importer, change of extension to import wikibase entities [ WikibaseIntegrator], discussion with TA4 regarding integration of workflows in the knowledge graph, Selenium Tests). * Johannes: Further work on javacript/php converter. = Organizational topics = * Meeting between Tim and Moritz o..."