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MaRDI Packaging System

The MaRDI Packaging System ( MaPS for short) is a software packaging system which encapsulates an executable and its dependency environment in a single runtime.


In computer systems, software behaviour can change from release to release. For real reproducibility, it is important to preserve and share the entire execution environment, not just the programming code of research software. MaPS solves this by providing a simple framework for bundling and publishing an application along with all the libraries it needs to execute into a runtime. This runtime is then deployed on host systems, in a way that it does not conflict with, or depend on, the libraries already existing on a host system.


MaPS can be found on Github at https://github.com/aaruni96/maps , and further instructions can be found on the wiki at https://github.com/aaruni96/maps/wiki/Deploy-and-Run-OSCAR .