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Task Area 4: Cooperation with Other Disciplines


As mathematical model data, software and workflows can be applied in a wide range of disciplines from natural to life sciences and the humanities, the digitization of research data is seen as the main stronghold of mathematics. This together with the standardization of data within the NFDI framework would emulate the FAIR principles and allow a dependable platform from which other disciplines could benefit from. Working from case studies, TA4 aims to work together with interdisciplinary partners and other NFDI consortia to develop interdisciplinary workflows, standardize mathematical descriptions and create a platform for exchange.

Use Cases / Workflows

Please find a list of interdisciplinary use cases our work is based on. Also see a list in alphabetical order here



Material Science


High-Performance Computing


Theoretical and Bio-Chemistry

Lead: ZIB

Digital Humanities

Lead: ZIB

Digital Catalysis

Lead: MPI Magdeburg

Optimization and Computer Algebra in Particle Physics and Heavy Ion Research

Lead: WIAS


Lead: WIAS

Numerical Quantum Dynamics

Lead: WIAS

  1. Closed quantum systems and discrete variable representations
  2. Open quantum systems, optimal control, and model reduction
  3. Quantum‐classical simulations and surface hopping trajectories (coming soon)

Decision Science

Lead: ITWM

Data-driven Mathematics, AI and Machine Learning

Lead: ITWM


Materials, HowTos, Tutorials, ...


Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics, Kaiserslautern

University of Stuttgart

Weierstrass-Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics, Berlin

Zuse Institute Berlin