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Task Area 4: Cooperation with Other Disciplines


As mathematical models, software and workflows can be applied to a wide range of disciplines from natural and life sciences to the humanities, it is crucial to reflect the disciplines needs for FAIR research data management and standardized descriptions of these artifacts. Starting from case studies, TA4 aims at working together with interdisciplinary partners and other NFDI consortia to develop interdisciplinary workflows, standardize mathematical descriptions and create a platform for exchange. These activities, together with the standardization of data within the NFDI framework, is intended to emulate the FAIR principles and provides a dependable platform from which other disciplines could benefit.

Standardization of mathematical descriptions for us means the creation of a database for mathematical models. This development is in progress and is called MathModDB.

Moreover, MaRDMO will function as an interface, enabling researchers from diverse disciplines to document their interdisciplinary workflows and mathematical models through the Research Data Management Organiser (RDMO).

Use Cases / Workflows

The documentation of interdisciplinary workflows reflects Measure M4.1. of the MaRDI research program. It is a crucial part to understand the requirements of the applied sciences with respect to their mathematical grounding. Moreover, it serves as a predecessing step toward the development of a mathematical standardization. Please find a list of interdisciplinary use cases our work is based on here: Workflows

Also see a list in alphabetical order here

MathModDB - A database for mathematical models

As models are a crucial step in the model-simulation pipeline, and mathematical standardization is elementary in our mission statement, the development of a database for mathematical models is justified and reflects Measure M4.2. in the MaRDI research program. The database will be set up as an ontology / knowledge graph, called MathModDB.

MaRDMO - A Plugin for the Research Data Management Organiser

MaRDMO is a plugin designed to streamline the documentation of workflows (Measure M4.1). Primarily utilized for Model-Simulation-Optimization workflows in the numerical domain, MaRDMO also exhibits versatility in accommodating workflows from other domains such as algebra. Integrated within RDMO, it offers a structured questionnaire guiding researchers through the documentation process. By fetching additional information from established sources, MaRDMO ensures comprehensive documentation while minimizing duplication of effort. Its seamless integration with RDMO enhances usability, allowing for the semi-automatic generation of workflow documentation. Recently, the MathModDB ontology (Measure M4.2) was integrated into MaRDMO to enhance the documentation of mathematical models within the workflows, further improving its functionality.

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Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics, Kaiserslautern

University of Stuttgart

Weierstrass-Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics, Berlin

Zuse Institute Berlin


Publications of TA4 personnel related to MaRDI


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Talks given by TA4 personnel related to MaRDI


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Workshops that have been co-organized by TA4 personnel

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