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Notes Vortrag Fabian Accessibilty: 11.05.22

FIZ muss Accessiblity Sachen berücksichtigen wegen BITV Barrierfreiheitsgesetz

Arten der Barriere:

  • Sehen und spezifisch Rot/Grün Schwäche
  • Hören -> relevant wenn audio content
  • Kognitive oder sprachliche Barriere -> leichte Sprache, wird in der Regel nicht von devs gehandhabt
  • (nicht erwähnt) not able to use peripherie wie Keyboard, Maus

Techniken um das zu umzusetzen:

  • HTML containing semantic elements (with meaning), this can enable screenreaders to navigate with voice commands through the page.
  • ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications), add semantic meaning to non-structured pages
  • Contrast Ratio between Foreground and Background, Browser have ways to check this, external websites also.
  • Resizable Text, websites have to zoom Text to at least 200% of the standard size
  • Everything which is reachable via mouse should also be reachable via the keyboard in case sb cant use the mouse, tabbing through all elements left right top to bottom
  • Every page has a title with a specific and general part, so they can be navigated with voice
  • Alternative Texts, Images should be labelled with description for visually impaired users
  • HTML accessible name, firefox right-click "inspect accesiblity properties"