Project:Deployment of Math Search

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The deployment of MathSearch components is currently tricky and has some pitfalls.

This page is to collect information to mitigate these.

Live Production development

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Corrupted index files

Updating the indices causes logs on the formulasearch container like these:

BXCE001 - Stopped at ., 588/76:
[XUDY0027] Insert target is an empty sequence.
at com.formulasearchengine.mathosphere.basex.Client.updateFormula(
at org.citeplag.controller.BaseXController.update(

This indicates that the current xml-index database is non-existant or corrupted.

Here are steps to solve the issue at the moment.

  • Stop formulasearch container to prevent modication of xml-files in database
  • Go in the shell of formulasearch(!) container
  • Change directory to the "my_harvests" folder
  • Download valid initial xml-harvest files with wget
  • Remove "_initial"-suffix for the file
  • chmod ugo+rw for the xml file
  • Restart formulasearch container