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Agenda for the Milestones Meeting

Time: 23 February 2024 Location: ZIB

Goals of the meeting:

  • Current milestones are clarified
  • Refine Epics such that they cover milestones
  • Next milestones identified and outlined.

Agenda 📑

  • One person is choosen to do a protocol, template can be found here (this is another template than the weekly-template)
  • Organizational Epic ( organizational epic ), suggestions for discussion topics can be placed by adding them to "Current Topics" in the first comment.
  • Clarification: Identify the current milestones within open-project which are worked on
    • For each current milestone
      • clarify resolution-state (finished, blocked by, wip)
      • clarify related epics (Note the name of the milestone within the related epics in github)
      • define or refine the acceptance-criteria
      • estimate progression and find an estimated point in time when the milestone is finished
  • Clarification: For every epic (which has not already discussed):
    • Check if a milestone can be assigned (otherwise flag these epics as non-milestone-epics)
  • Planning:
    • Identify the milestones which will be processed next and what has to be done to start
      • Is the pending start blocked from some factors, if yes create mitigation issues.
    • Have a look at the big picture (roadmap) once in a while