Project:New queries about the portal 2024

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This page is created to provide assistance for developing the portal. One can list out the questions they have regarding the portal here and the answers will be provided accordingly.

  1. How can I query the MaRDI Portal using SPARQL to retrieve the list of softwares that were added to the MaRDI knowledge graph in a yearly manner?
    1. Partial answer: Queries of this structure should be able to provide such data in principle but this does not work in practice yet. Here is a Wikidata example that works. As an alternative route, we could add the creation date as a dedicated statement, e.g. as done in UniProt.
  2. What are the endpoints for querying the MaRDI portal using SPARQL.
  3. Do we need to use the following portal for querying the MaRDI knowledge graph?
    • Yes, that is the best option to write and execute SPARQL queries.
  4. If yes, I need some help regarding using this for the purpose of retrieving the list of softwares added to the MaRDI Knowledge graph in a yearly fashion.