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This page assists with the documentation of queries relevant to the development and use of this portal. While the long-term intention is to provide executable versions of a subset of such queries, their initial formulation may well be on a conceptual level, with improvements expected over time, especially as the pertinent data models mature and relevant data are becoming available here.

Sample queries

Let's sort them alphabetically for now.

  • Computational concepts included in K-12 algebra curricula
  • Counterexamples for assumption X in the context of Y
  • Data repositories suitable for mathematical data of type X
  • Dependency tree for theorems in field X
  • Integer sequences found in nature
  • Mathematical concepts whose first use in field X predates the first use in field Y by at least time period Z
  • Open questions in field X
  • Proofs for theorem X that do involve method Y
  • Proofs for theorem X that do not involve method Y
  • Sets that contain themselves
  • Software that can read models in format X
  • Sort algorithms ranked by computational complexity
  • Sort algorithms ranked by computational complexity
  • Unproven theorems ranked by number of papers published about them
  • Unproven theorems ranked by time since first publication