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This is a questionnaire with questions to the task areas. It can be used for the meetings with the task areas to clarify their usage of the MaRDI Portal and its services.

The template can be copied and filled out with the answers of a specific task areas.

Example Headline: Questionnaire for task area 1 (v0.1)
Id Question Descriptions Answer
1 What are your applications which interact with mathematical research data? Example: We are developing and maintaining it is used for accessing and storing time-series from experiments in the institute.
2 How is data access currently done within these applications? Example answer: Over Webinterface with a searchbar, also over API
3 What are the usual steps in the data lifecycle? Examples: Create, Delete, Modify
4 Where is your mathematical research data stored? Examples: On our relational DB, on a public knowledge graph, some distributed storage
How is the data maintained? Examples: Web-admin interface, over API, ....
5 What formats of data do you have? Examples: JSON, LaTeX, XML, CAS, ....
6 Who is accessing your data? Examples: Mathematicians from all over the world for Research, some institutes in Germany
7 Is any type of authentication required to access your data? Examples: Yes login with password and username, specific accounts from our institute, everything is public, more API requests require authentications
8 What are the problems in your current applications which interact with mathematical research data? Examples: Conversion between formats has to be done locally, duplicate dataset in another database, ....
Which of your data and services would you like to publicly offer from the MaRDI portal? Examples: Our statistics data and formulae, visualization API for time series