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For each measure as defined in the proposal, please list the measures that imply requirements for the MaRDI portal / T5.

T Measure Requirement Contact Person Deadline Comment
1 M1.1 Submit workflow guidelines, example usage, and related material Lars Kastner
1 M1.2 Submit database and -format specifications, examples, and related material TBA0
1 M1.3 Rating system for confirmability in cooperation with M1.1, database of annotated references Jeroen Hanselman
1 M1.4 Submit Dockerfiles and other formats of specifying software environments TBA1
1 M1.5 Submit tutorials and documentation based on the above TBA1
2 M2.1 Apache Jena Fuseki (Triple-store in Turtle, SPARQL-over-HTTP queries) for knowledge graph and query Christian Himpe OAUTH user authentication later on
2 M2.2 Wiki for documentation of open interfaces Christian Himpe
2 M2.3 Wiki for documentation of benchmark framework Jens Saak
2 M2.4 Database, interactive environment (i.e. Jupyter notebooks) for CSE workflows Jan Heiland
3 M3.1 Library of Curated Benchmark Datasets ?
3 M3.2 Library of Statistical Analyses ?
3 M3.3 Empirical Analysis of Machine Learning Experiments ?
3 M3.4 Standards for Peer Review of Numerical Experimentation ?

Agenda Meeting T3 (20.1.22 13h)

  1. Begrüßung und Vorstellung (5 Min, Johannes)
  2. Vorstellung MaRDI Portal (15 Min, Moritz)
  3. Anwendungsfall Vorstellung (5 Min, T3)
  4. Vorstellung Requirements (10 Min, T3)
  5. Diskussion (15 Min)
  6. Nächste Termine und Nächste Schritte(5 Min)


  1. Welche Meta-/Daten haben Sie
  2. Welche Erwartungen haben Sie an das Portal?

Protokoll Treffen T1 (14.1.2022)

Protokoll Treffen T3 (20.1.2022)