From MaRDI portal

Attendees: Lars Kastner (TU-Berlin),Antony Della Vecchia (TU Berlin), Moritz Schubolz (FIZ), Madhurima Deb (FIZ)

Discussion on integration within MaRDI Portal

  • We discussed about integration of TA1 objects into the Portal
  • Lars is currently working on integrating the project on Johnson Solids (which is a part of MaRDI TA1 and the OSCAR project of the SFB-TRR 195) and the goal would be to make it more 'findable' via the portal. An issue has been created on Github (

Next Meeting

  • We are optimistic about monthly or biweekly meetings.
  • Decision is yet to be made depending on availability and integration task of other task areas.