Project:Zbmath find missing

From MaRDI portal

SPARQL queries

Find all zbmath de numbers of existing publications

select ?item ?zbmath
       ?item wdt:P31 wd:Q56887.
       ?item wdt:P1451 ?zbmath.


  1. Execute the SPARQL query for finding all existent de numbers
  2. Execute the jupyter notebook to create a df of missing uploads
  3. Copy resulting csv file to where you want to execute it (e.g. mardi02)
  4. Copy config to docker container using docker cp import_config.config mardi-importer:/config/
  5. Copy data file to container
  6. In config, change processed dump path to the one the file was copied to
  7. Check that in the, pull is set to False and push to True
  8. Check that in, no skip is set that shouldn't be
  9. python3 --mode ZBMath --conf_path /config/import_config.config