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This page assists with the creation, curation and maintenance of queries related to mathematical content here on the MaRDI portal or in other knowledge bases, especially in Wikidata.

Demo queries

These are queries that highlight some particular aspect of the data or the associated technical contexts.

Map of institutions involved in NFDI consortia

Formulas involving mass

Meaning of a given symbol in various formulas

Meaning of the symbol 'η' in various formulas

Meaning of the symbol 'μ' in various formulas

Most frequent topics of publications with a zbMATH document ID

Most frequent topics of publications by an author with a zbMATH author ID

Items matching a certain identifier


Formulas containing certain LaTeX strings

Mathematicians who have had non-mathematical things named after them

Housekeeping queries

List of MaRDI Wikibase properties

Author identifiers

Editing queries

These queries generate commands that can be used to make additional edits in the same Wikibase or another.

Maintenance queries

These queries help maintain or improve data quality, e.g. by checking for consistency or gaps.

zbMATH-related queries

On Wikidata

See also recent changes to items linked from zbMATH work ID (P894), items linking to zbMATH work ID (P894), items linked from zbMATH author ID (P1556) and items linking to author ID (P1556) as well as frequent curators of zbMATH work ID (P894) statements and frequent curators of zbMATH author ID (P1556) statements.

On Wikipedia



Q & A


See also

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