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Basic Info

Attendees: Larissa, Tim, Eloi, Johannes, David, Olaf

Protocol: Eloi (some supplements by Johannes: marked as JS)

Organizational Topics

  • Literature review Meeting: Thursday 13:00. (Discuss metrics on which the technical review will be based (e..g does the platform include math datasets, does it adhere FAIR principles, etc.))
  • Discussion on data that can be published/reproduced on the portal (e.g. Authors from R packages): Send E-mail directly to the corresponding data sources to clarify permissions.


Discussion on the current technical status of the Milestones. Current Project Milestones can be found here.

JS: Current official project milestones definitions can be found here

  • Measure 5.1 (MaRDI Portal Technology)
    • Permissions set up: People can log in. Finished.
    • API Access Possible: Basic functionality is implemented based on MediaWiki.
    • Math specific data types implemented: Work in progress. Discussion on data types to be implemented, such as matrices, tensors, etc.
    • Mathematical formula search functional: Knowledge graph need to be integrated, Epics are in process (70%, Johannes).
    • External identifiers integrated: Wikibase IDs are assigned to new entities. SPARQL queries to be implemented.
    • Federated NFDI queries possible: TBD
    • Portal performance improvements: TBD

Next Steps

  • Sort milestones/deliverables into timeplan (Q1 2022, Q2 2022, etc.)
  • Integrate Milestones into the Epic descriptions in GitHub.
  • Map the current technical developments to the described Milestones.
  • JS: Draft tentative 'team'-goals within each current milestone in GitHub
  • Discuss with Tim and Moritz concrete descriptions of milestones in the MaRDI proposal.
  • Conduct discussions on concrete implementation objectives related to each Measure.
  • JS: Next Meeting, first identify current milestones for Q2, then have discussion about these milestones. If there are too many milestones for one meeting, cluster the milestones to topological groups, so each group can be discussed in a dedicated milestone meeting.