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Agenda for the next TA5-Weekly

Zeitpunkt: Montags, 10:00 Uhr (1h)

  • From time to time in timeslot of the weekly, the milestones-meeting is taking place (Agenda can be found here).
  • Currently, we are testing collaborative editing of the meeting-protocols, the editor for this can be found on this portal.

Agenda 📑

  • One person is chosen by alphabetical order of first name to do a protocol, template can be found here (Template Page within Collab Editor is here)
  • Implemented improvements to MaRDI portal in the current iteration (per participant 5 min presentation) and Feedback (2 min feedback)
  • Mention Updates for our Roadmap issues
  • 5 minute synchronization about upcoming MaRDI Tuesday
  • Organizational Epic ( organizational epic ), suggestions for discussion topics can be placed by adding them to "Current Topics" in the first comment.
  • Literature Review Epic ( literature review epic ), suggestions follow the same procedure as in Organizational Epic
  • While going through the existing GitHub Epics
    • Edit existing issues (with questions and answers)
    • Check which issues can be closed
    • Plan future efforts (define issues)
    • Identify and create new epics
  • Bugs and Non-Epic issues discussion.
  • Technical Discussion TWIMC (15 minutes)

Recent and urgent events:

Reminders 💬