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Basic Info

Attendees: David, Eloi, Johannes, Larissa, Moritz, Olaf, Tim

Protocol: David

Progress presentations

  • Johannes: formula search, progress: manual tests to check function of formula search, formula index is created on page creation, on undelete pages index is also created; maintenance scripts
  • Eloi: CRAN import: orcid linked with authors, publications of package are imported if doi given in description; Problem: description cannot be imported because of 250 char limit. Possible solutions (Moritz): statement (configurable text field with more allowed chars) or individual wikipage for each CRAN package
  • Larissa: WIP ZBMath improvements
  • David: finished uploaded image tests for backup & restore; improvements of image backup restore; minor fixes


  • Moritz: orcid data of ZBMath authors should be linked with CRAN authors
  • Olaf: orcid data is generally incomplete, duplicates must be expected

Organizational Topics

  • Chats: migrate to MaRDI rocket chat where WIAS admins are more open to extensions and responsive? -> Moritz: IF we change, better choose a more suitable platform (slack); (on hold until this becomes more urgent)
  • Review article meeting: Tuesday 28.6., 9:00
  • David: outcome of the milestone weekly last week was the need of a clarifying roadmap and a translation of milestones to tasks (-> schedule in 2 or 3 weeks)
  • Tim: official milestones have to be strictly reached and reported


  • Johannes
    • Formulasearch maintenance: ongoing
  • David:
    • backup & restore: done, except for openstack backups (blocked by openstack migration)
    • openstack migration & DFN authentication: talk to ZIB IT
    • metrics: gather informations on external tools
    • webhooks reporting: on hold
  • Eloi:
    • CRAN packages: bugfixes & some improvements, documentation
  • Larissa:
    • ZBMath: get informed on open API import for additional data


  • Moritz: reporting: we should summarize the status when closing important epics and write a short report (for instance wikipages)
  • Tim: important is that the reports can easily be copied & pasted to some other doc, if necessary (not github issues)
  • Johannes: some epics seem to grow over time, but should reach closure, in milestones meeting acceptance criteria should be defined.

Next week:

  • Johannes: math extension & maintenance
  • Larissa: will continue work with ZBMath data and extract meaningful reports
  • Eloi: Poster, CRAN docs & improvements
  • David: review article, metrics research