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Basic Info

Attendees: Moritz, Johannes, Larissa, Olaf, Eloi, Daniel

Protocol by: Daniel


  • Eloi: demos a tool to import workflows from Markdown to MediaWiki and Wikibase
  • Johannes: demos LaTeX to MathML converter in TexVC
  • Larissa: work continues on adapting the Wikibase Integrator to MaRDI workflows
    • (Daniel) do we have any demo queries that could serve to guide data modelling or data import?
      • started: Project:Queries
      • Note: "The certificate for expired on 10/26/2022."

Literature Review Topics

  • Johannes: suggestion for conventions on how to evaluate some of the more ambiguous FAIR criteria - see table in the spreadsheet

Organizational matters

  • presentation of TA5 at MarDI all-hands workshop this week
    • do we have an overview/ a collection of research questions in maths/ MaRDI that could in principle be addressed via graph query methods, and MaRDI's SPARQL endpoint in particular
      • these could serve as a roadmap to develop such queries and the corresponding data models and data
  • perhaps a meeting is necessary to coordinate between TA4 and TA5 around the workflows
  • integrator bug: --> they say they fixed it, but they didn't