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Basic Info

Attendees: Johannes, Eloi, Daniel, Olaf, Larissa

Protocol by: Larissa


  • Johannes: TexVC presentation
    • tests revealed cases of potential attempts at code injection via JavaScript code in formulas in Wikipedia
    • tests include checks on a list of formulas from English Wikipedia from about 2017
      • Daniel: where can we find this list of formulas?
        • Johannes: it can be found here [1]
    • Daniel: has this new TexVC code been signaled upstream?
      • Johannes: Yes, it has been reviewed in Gerrit, final activation will be when there is some time to verify everything in running wikis
  • Larissa: Wikidata importer presentation

Organizational Topics

  • JS: representation of MaRDI Portal at the MaRDI Tuesday meetings
    • present new features in portal more often --> will be discussed in more detail next week
    • JS: have discussion and Question Answering with TAs in a timeslot during MaRDI Tuesday
  • development meeting: add to Wednesday meeting (--> optional and spontaneous)

Literature Review Topics

  • fair data evaluation with doi: F-UJI (in methods-section, they give clear evaluation criteria)

Next Steps

  • Person 1: summary of next steps
  • Person 2: summary of next steps