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Basic Info

Attendees: Johannes, Tim, Daniel, Larissa, Eloi

Protocol by: Eloi


Johannes, Larissa, Eloi: No presentations this week, first meeting after holidays.


- Adapted the homepage of the Scholia instance for MaRDI ( and worked on some demo mathematical queries:

- new Wikidata property for OpenML dataset ID (P11238)

- new Property proposal for DLMF ID

Organizational Topics

Roadmap and Definition meeting will take place at some point in January: Milestones/Projects that we collected in the last meeting will we linked to a time plan.

MaRDI Dienstag (10/01, focused on the portal):

- Presentation of our understanding of the functionality of the portal. (Show to exemplify the indexation of data and use cases based on it)

- Presentation of communication channels with us, i.e. TA5 (e.g. through Slides, Meetings, Github Issues, to submit use cases).

Any other business

  • Location of the TA-specific sections on the portal homepage: We present a proposal that can be discussed by the editorial board.
  • To do: Documentation regarding integration with the portal/knowledge graph through available Mediawiki/Wikibase-API should be published.