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Basic Info

Attendees: Johannes, Tim, Eloi

Protocol by: Eloi


  • Eloi: Metadata for 100 R packages have been published in the portal, but SPARQL synchronization no possible yet due to a bug in wdqs. Working on it this week to enable SPARQL queries on R packages (or any new information we add to the MaRDI KG).
  • Johannes: Rendering of Mediawiki pages with MathML is possible in Math extension. Case by case fixes for Mathematical statements ongoing.

Organizational Topics

  • MaRDI-Dienstag: Sentence on MathML implementation.
  • Organization epic: Suggestion for a possible Meeting/Workshop end of April. (To bring forward some specific points, i.e. API endpoints)

Literature Review Topics

  • Discussion on mathematical models, understood as a content type (see Table 1 in overleaf)
    • How do we define a mathematical model? How are mathematical models saved?
    • Are there already platforms that save models? (There are platforms for ODE models, Figshare has an item type equal to Model)