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Basic Info

Attendees: Moritz, Daniel, Madhurima, Litesh, Tim, Larissa, Eloi

Protocol: Eloi


  • Madhurima:
    • Question on how to retrieve software triples from the Knowledge Graph over a period of time.
      • Start with SPARQL queries.
    • Meetings with TA1 and TA2.
  • Eloi:
    • Created profile pages for datasets.
    • Fix URL spam protection bug.
    • Fix zbMath/arXiv overlap.
  • Larissa:
    • Fix zbMath/arXiv overlap.
    • Uplodaded first prototype item for OpenML + implement feedback, continue with the upload to generate more examples.
  • Daniel:
    • Complete MaRDI profile statements on items (publications, persons, etc.).
    • Prepare presentation on models for WIAS MMS Days
    • Discussion on models: At some point we should introduce the type Model in the KG.
  • Moritz:
    • Update Sofware Heritage identifiers.
    • Discussion on how to import Zenodo entries and whether a MaRDI community should be created in Zenodo.
  • Tim:
    • Progress on the Literature Review paper.
  • Litesh:
    • Help concerning the understanding on the Portal setup, workflow and tasks.

Organizational topics

  • Discussion on availability of hardware to test scalability issues of Wikidata.