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Naming convention for Weekly — example: "Project:Weekly/20240212"

Basic Info

   Attendees: Conrad, Moritz, Eloi, Larissa, Madhurima, Rim
   Protocol by: Madhurima


  • Eloi is working on integrating items on knowledge graph and later work flows will be also integrated, also had a meeting with Moritz and Liteshwar regarding import of formulae in the knowledge graph
  • Moritz: Currently only formulae from DLMF are represented
  • Larissa: She is working on the redirection script
  • Conrad: Facing issues with the Indexer: possibly the server is not running and some debugging needs to be done. Some suggestions in this regard: 1. Run the maintenance script 2. Use ElasticSearch: download extension into the browser and query ElasticSearch to check whether there is something in the index 3. Check it on staging

Next Steps

  • MaRDI report is in its making on the basis of progress
  • The agenda to be put on the page created by Daniel