From MaRDI portal

Basic Info

Attendees: Tim, Larissa, Eloi, Johannes (sick leave, only for most necessary topics), Daniel, Moritz, Maxence

Protocol by: Daniel

Organizational Topics

  • Tim: Review of the TA5 Roadmap
  • Deployment of data import pipelines is interdependent with data modelling and data visualization
    • this can be tackled by having small test deployments

Any other business

  • Scholia is currently configured to only visualize data from Wikidata
    • needs to be adapted to
      • support querying the MaRDI endpoint
      • support federated queries
        • to/ from Wikidata, other NFDI endpoints, other knowledge graphs
  • Welcome to Maxence, who will work on integration between zbMATH and the portal

Next Steps

  • Eloi to do small test deployment of CRAN data
  • Daniel to review the test data and build some queries around it