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Basic Info

Attendees: Eloi, Johannes, Larissa, Moritz, Tim

Protocol by: Larissa


  • Moritz: created new page, text can now found over elasticsearch (need to create link) → upload item, create page with content paper template, link to page
    • Beispiel Regularity of solutions for an integral system of Wolff type (Q624335) mit Autor Chao Ma Q255890
  • Johannes: new tests for mhchem parser; continued working on accessibility browser extension
  • Larissa: now back to uploading new papers

Organizational Topics

  • work on templates
  • user rights management will have to be done manually (might be possible to use github or nfdi mardi accounts)
  • write portal tutorials

Literature Review Topics

  • Tim would like to submit it on Friday --> re-read and add 2-3 citations