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Basic Info

Attendees: Moritz, Tim, Larissa, Johannes, Eloi

Protocol by: Eloi


  • Johannes: Attends the conference in Athens in November to present the portal (poster session). Coordination to prepare the poster with office 365 (See TA5 chat for the link to edit the poster). Working on fixes for native MathML generation, also for the visual representation of chemical formulas.
  • Larissa: Meeting with TA3 in the next days (to discuss import of OpenML).
  • Eloi: Finishing script for Author disambiguation of CRAN authors. Setting up scripts to run arXiv import through Airflow. First articles to be imported this week.
  • Moritz: Server monitoring set up There seems to be periodic error everyday, which has to be investigated (probably related to backups). Added statements for the Software Heritage ID for the CRAN packages items.

Organizational Topics

  • In addition to the MaRDI Roadmap, it would be interesting to also present the commit history to monitor/show progress.
  • Moritz: We have the software to import Mathoverflow into the portal (which was used in zbMath). It could be run if we decide to do so.

Next Steps

  • MaRDI sentence for MaRDI-Dienstag 17/10: Implementing a more efficient approach for automatic item creation based on Apache Airflow.