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Basic Info

Attendees: Eloi, Johannes, Larissa, Tim, Moritz, Daniel

Protocol by: Daniel


  • Larissa: talked about progress in zbMATH (working on importing) and rerunning KGE tests
  • Eloi: started a new Wikibase cloud instance to collaborate with TA4 on a plugin for workflows
  • Johannes: started working on chemical formulas
    • Daniel suggested that linguistics is also a field using formulas (example), so might be worth a look too

Organizational Topics

  • Mardi Tuesday sentence: skipping - only next week
  • Moritz still looking into the Shibboleth issue - seems to be resolvable soon
  • MediaWiki skin for MaRDI portal - details to be discussed

Literature Review Topics

  • ongoing
  • Daniel is involved in organizing some workshops about sharing computational models (example), which may be relevant for the lit review