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Basic Info

Attendees: Moritz, Tim, Daniel, Larissa, Madhurima, Rim, Litesh, Eloi

Protocol by: Eloi


  • Eloi: Staging server is available at, only with sample data. Discussion on having a backup server with data in case mardi02
  • Larissa: Started rewriting statements in the KG that reference redirected items. Encountered problem when rewriting items that have high-precision timestamps.
  • Daniel: Working on workflows for disambiguation that in the future should be integrated in the portal.
  • Tim: Discussion on creating the Publication: namespace to create pages for articles.

Organizational Topics

  • Tim: Discussion on new integration of Math+ datasets from Zenodo into the portal
  • Moritz: New colleague in FIZ started also this week. Work on a conversational interface for math.
  • MaRDI TA5 Workshop at ZIB on the 23.02.2024 (10:00 to 14:00 + discussion in the afternoon).
  • sentence for MaRDI Tuesday tomorrow: We welcome two new members to the team. We set up a new staging server that can replace our current production server in case of technical issues.