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Basic Info

Attendees: Johannes, Daniel, Larissa, Moritz, Tim, Eloi

Protocol by: Eloi


  • Larissa: zbMath importer update & Knowledge graph embedding tool
  • Eloi: Presentation CRAN importer

Organizational Topics

  • mardi02: instance is ready, data has to be transferred from mardi01
  • Discussion on datasets to be imported to our KG
    • At least: zbMath, CRAN, arXiv, swMath & DLMF
    • Import from Wikidata items when needed, synchronization with Wikidata, possibly through dumps.
  • What needs to be considered now, if the MaRDI KG is at some point integrated to Wikidata:
    • License situation is still unclear (no license mentioned in the portal)
    • Granularity of datasets before integration
    • Editorial decision on which subset of data we would like to import to Wikidata
  • MaRDI Roadmap
    • Strategy to show progress on the issues in Github
    • Every Monday check the issues and write a comment on the relevant issues we are working on
  • Design meeting soon regarding the new Skin.
  • Test instances

Literature Review Topics

  • Progress on reformulating current text for the literature review