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Basic Info

Attendees: Johannes, Larissa, Daniel, Moritz, Eloi

Protocol by: Eloi


  • Larissa: zbMath import has started and needs to run in the next weeks. More fields need to be added.
  • Eloi: polyDB data has been published in the portal. Newsletter on Knowledge Graphs will be send this week.
  • Daniel: Profile types by WikiProject will be soon be available in Scholia (which defines subsets on Wikidata using tags that are used by a specific WikiProject, e.g. WikiProject Mathematics). Not much tagged yet in terms of in Wikidata, but could serve as a basis for syncing with MaRDI portal.
  • Johannes: MHChemParser, feedback from the author who wrote the parser in Javascript. The functionality has been tested, the parser seems to fulfill all tests now and is ready to be used. Asked the author for a final check with another testset of formulas to prevent regression issues.

Organizational Topics

  • Meeting on Thursday takes place in hybrid format.
  • In preparation for the Workshop Moritz has set up a document to describe the current status of the portal: Objective of the MaRDI portal and what has been achieved so far.

Literature Review Topics

  • Eloi is finishing the discussion part.

zbMath importer

  • MSC property and Review Text has to be added.

Discussion on how to save long texts on entities (Abstracts, review texts, etc.)

  • Review Text just saved as plain text loses the format, which makes the full text search more difficult.
  • Three discussed options are:
    1. Use the description field of an entity
    2. Create a new property (this allows adding qualifiers, such as: 'contains formula', 'reviewed by', ...)
    3. Save the text in a MediaWiki page related to the entity
  • Formulasearch based on the review text is also planned.
  • Daniel: Demo for paper search