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Basic Info

Attendees: Larissa, Eloi, Johannes, Daniel, Marco, Moritz, Olaf

Protocol by: Daniel


  • Update Larissa: Refactoring my integrator code to use their classes instead of JSON to cut code
  • Update Eloi: Definition of Wikibase Schemas for scientific workflows
  • Coverage of math properties in Wikidata
  • Mathematics Subject Classification
  • Update Johannes: TexVC has visually rendered HTML output which is in most cases of current Testbench similar to mathjax3 and some generated tests from TexUtil.php
  • A new URL for the MaRDI 02 portal is available but ZIB authentication via Shibboleth is still pending
    • making the switch would require to update some documentation (e.g. in Docker) where the current URL is hardcoded
    • not clear yet who is going to migrate the data from MaRDI 01 to MaRDI 02 - requires taking the backup of 01 and importing this into 02

Organizational Topics

  • TA5 presentation on MaRDI Tuesday next week - Johannes will present TeX-VC
  • everybody should create a GitHub epic for their focal topics, as per the discussion last Monday

Literature Review Topics

  • postponed till Wednesday, when Tim will join
  • everybody is invited to write up any open questions that need to be addressed before or on Wednesday (questions are collected on top of the literature review spreadsheet)