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Basic Info

Attendees: Tim, Larissa, Moritz, Eloi, Deb, Daniel

Protocol by: Daniel


  • Larissa: state of OpenML import workflow

Organizational Topics

  • Presentation at the MaRDI weekly tomorrow
    • Overview of new UI (also figures, e.g. in person profile)
    • An example of integrating new data-sources (here: TA3: OpenML metadata)
    • Next Steps:
      • Improving current person item pages
      • Introducing new item pages (publication, formula)
      • Scraping formulas from arXiv papers
      • Disambiguation (ongoing)
  • Things that do not fit neatly into the sections above
  1. (needs consensus)
  2. (needs volunteer)
  3. (needs volunteer)
  4. Add refresh Refresh. (needs consensus)
  5. Link the icons on the portal's landing page?
  6. zbMATH doc ID set to "None"?