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Basic Info

Attendees: Eloi, Daniel, Moritz, Tim, Johannes

Protocol by: Johannes


  • Johannes: mhchemParser(PHP) released with GNU GPLv2 implicitly inherited by Math extension, re-release planned with Apache license as dedicated component
  • Daniel: was at CoRDI, all infrastructure disciplines, math was well accepted since all representants have some mathematical data

Organizational Topics

  • Discussion for Scholia Design
  • How are the entries created, person profiles are a first example:
    • Template:Person , Person Namespace with entries, AWikibase Page with Linked Person with SPARQL Queries which are polling specified data then
    • Wikidata entries can also be added with specified SPARQL Queries on the page
      • Content could be cyclically polled from Wikidata within fixed intervals
    • Content from one content to another wikipage, transclusion
    • SPARQL Drafting
    • Eventualy cache has to be invalidated when making changes
  • 04.10.23 takes place hybrid, people nearby in Berlin locally, for others online possibility
  • ~Sentence for tomorrow: We are working on the person profiles,the structure is improved in mechanism for creating them is done, first 100k entries created
  • Daniel creates portraits of DMV guests on Scholia,