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Attendees: Johannes, Larissa, Eloi, David, Moritz

Protocol: Eloi


  • Johannes: Arithmetic Tokenizer and simplified grammatic. Conversion from Javascript to php.
  • David: Working on the metrics, usage statistics, user origin, etc. Grafana ist not enough. Alternative tools have been identified: Plausible (Available as a Mediawiki plugin, free if self-hosted).
  • Larissa: ZBMath Importer, Class/Methods to import journal metadata.
  • Eloi: CRAN importer. Avoid duplicate entries for authors and articles using SPARQL and temporary table of imported entities.

Moritz: (Regarding metrics) We want to show not only users but also how much data we have imported. Discussion on how to present metrics regarding the imported data. Probably use Grafana and set up accordingly during development of import functionality.

Organizational topics

  • Knowledge Graph from TA4 (numerical algorithms and mathematical methods).
    • The objective is to develop a question catalog so that people can find mathematical methods that are suitable to their application.
    • TA4 working on further developing this concept in cooperation with TA2.
    • Could eventually work based on SPARQL queries.
    • Example of a related demo application: [1]
  • Discuss and define the vision of the MaRDI portal. (Meeting on the 17/08) + discussion about the milestones.

Literature Review Topics

  • Most important platforms seem to have been identified.
  • Clarification of the current inclusion criteria (public upload is possible, significant amount of math data, openly available, amount of records).

Task: Check if the current criteria are appropriate in relation to the identified platforms, i.e. make sure that relevant platforms are not excluded and think about whether the criteria should be modified accordingly. Further discussion on Thursday.


  • Johannes: Accessiblity for MathML epic.
  • Larissa: ZBMath importer.
  • Eloi: CRAN importer and Bot permissions for WikibaseImporter
  • David: Metrics Epic, further research on Plausible.

There are no bugs to discuss that interfere with development.


  • Main Page Discussion
    • News could also be announced just in Twitter. The main page could also be complemented with announcements in cooperation with other TAs.
  • Discussion on entities imported from Wikidata
    • Entities from Wikidata can be imported but we should include the Wikidata PID/QID to avoid future conflicts in case of a future merge.