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Basic Info

Attendees: Moritz,Tim, Larissa, Daniel, Johannes

Protocol by: Johannes


  • Johannes:
    • final functionality fixes, all 44k~ tests in PHP, Versions upgrade to mhchem v4.1.2
  • Moritz:
    • Worked with Quickstatements, problem with container synchronization
    • In deployed setup portal uses URL, in local developer setup this is used partially with ports, it would make sense to have a unified solution for the future⁣
    • Talks with MaRDI Organisators from WIAS
  • Larissa
    • Docker importer image is released every day, it was set to 1 times a week now, restart of all containers is only happening once a week
    • Previous week import was stopped with bug every night, plan to check for this this week
    • Want to check about prometheus this or next week

Organizational Topics

  • Tim/ Moritz:
    • Meeting with designers for wiki, draft for design, ..... idea collection about the skin
    • aspect-based search for Portal design
    • scholia integration stopped currently
  • Tim:
    • Mention to update roadmap issues on progress

Literature Review Topics

  • Paper about Infrastructure (Litreview), Olaf would like to add some content
  • Paper a Knowledge Graph for Mathematics, look at own entries

Any other business

  • DMV presentation abstract etc...