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Basic Info

Attendees: Larissa, Tim, Eloi, Johannes, Moritz

Protocol: Eloi


  • Johannes: MathML generator: generating MathML from formula on a Wikipage.
  • Eloi: Configuration of SPARQL endpoint + SPARQL queries.
  • Larissa: SPARQL Configuration, Technogy Review, zbMath Import.
  • Moritz: It is worth to invest the time to understand how the current knowledge graph and SPARQL query system built on Wikibase + Blazegraph works. Long-term, we may have to think of an interface with other infrastructure, e.g. openAIRE.

Organizational Topics

PHP-Developers are scarce.

Literature Review Topics

  • Next step is to elaborate a classification of the current listed platforms, e.g. between math repositories, big repositories (zenodo, openaire, etc.) and metadirectories. Classification between publishers/aggregators/mixed is also possible. (Existing classification alternatives have not been found so far, so that a classification scheme for the review needs to be elaborated and justified.)
  • Criteria for the evaluation will also be further elaborated, so that there is a clear include/exclude criterium for the available list of platforms.


  • Johannes: Accesibility for MathML (discussion with Moritz).
  • Larissa: Import additional data from zbMath.
  • Eloi: CRAN packages (SPARQL queries to check duplicate entries or alternative based on Wikibase properties).

There are no bugs to discuss that interfere with development.