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Attendees: Johannes, Larissa, Eloi, David

Protocol: David


  • Eloi: create MaRDI query service adapted from wikidata QS, autocompletion working
  • David: back from sick leave
  • Johannes: WIP of fixing the LaTeX->MathML pipeline, due to upcoming change in MW; reimplementation of JS parser in PHP
  • Larissa: WIP ZBMath import

Organizational topics

  • literature review: discussion of status of platform list; next step: define inclusion criteria
  • JS: it is determined who does protocol for weeklies in by alphabetical order of first name


  • Johannes:
    • MathML pipeline
  • Eloi:
    • CRAN epic, research SPARQL queries
  • Larissa:
    • ZBMath (issue #41)
  • David:
    • Literature review: inclusion criteria
    • Metrics: research external tools
    • not epic: fix full docker storage, create alert

Other topics

  • Eloi explains how SPARQL query service should be improved in the future (query examples for our knowledge graph etc)