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Attendees: Johannes, Eloi, Tim

Protocol: Eloi


  • Eloi: Discussion on the progress during the last two weeks (R package importer, change of extension to import wikibase entities WikibaseIntegrator, discussion with TA4 regarding integration of workflows in the knowledge graph, Selenium Tests).
  • Johannes: Further work on javacript/php converter.

Organizational topics

  • Meeting between Tim and Moritz on the 17.08 to discuss milestones.
  • Discussion regarding presentation for Mardi-Dienstag (23.08).
    • Proposal: Present Knowledge Graph concept for the portal and current importer architecture (How are we importing data from wikidata, how is the KG presented, initial concept for integration of workflows (TA4), further integration with other TA?.)

Literature Review Topics

  • Discussion between Tim and David, probably next week.


  • Johannes: Further work on the converter.
  • Eloi: Data from docker-importer to be presented with Grafana. (On holidays starting on Thursday)

There are no bugs to discuss that interfere with development.