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List of research outcomes

PublicationDate of PublicationType
Tropical medians by transportation2024-04-09Paper
Asymmetric tropical distances and power diagrams2024-03-01Paper
Generalized Permutahedra and Positive Flag Dressians2024-01-25Paper
The polyhedral geometry of truthful auctions2023-11-09Paper
Generalised cone complexes and tropical moduli in polymake2023-11-03Paper
Convergent Hahn series and tropical geometry of higher rank2023-08-23Paper
Computing Galois groups of Ehrhart polynomials in OSCAR2023-06-05Paper
Subdivisions of generalized permutahedra2023-06-05Paper
Generalized Permutahedra and Optimal Auctions2023-04-11Paper
Frontiers of sphere recognition in practice2022-11-17Paper
Real Tropical Hyperfaces by Patchworking in polymake2022-10-13Paper
Parametric Shortest-Path Algorithms via Tropical Geometry2022-09-26Paper
Algebraic degrees of 3-dimensional polytopes2022-07-15Paper
Essentials of Tropical Combinatorics2022-05-03Paper
Generalized permutahedra and optimal auctions2021-08-02Paper
Forbidden patterns in tropical plane curves2021-04-29Paper
Secondary Fans and Secondary Polyhedra of Punctured Riemann Surfaces2021-04-07Paper
What Tropical Geometry Tells Us about the Complexity of Linear Programming2021-02-10Paper
Geometric Disentanglement by Random Convex Polytopes2020-09-29Paper
Master regulators of evolution and the microbiome in higher dimensions2020-09-25Paper
The Schläfli Fan2020-09-01Paper
Monomial Tropical Cones for Multicriteria Optimization2020-06-09Paper
Semi-automatically optimized calibration of internal combustion engines2020-03-04Paper
Random growth on a Ramanujan graph2019-08-26Paper
Cluster partitions and fitness landscapes of the Drosophila fly microbiome2019-08-01Paper
Tropical bisectors and Voronoi diagrams2019-06-26Paper
The Schläfli Fan2019-05-28Paper
Parametric shortest-path algorithms via tropical geometry2019-04-01Paper
The Cayley Trick for Tropical Hypersurfaces with a View Toward Ricardian Economics2019-02-26Paper
Tropical geometry, linear optimization and networks2019-02-11Paper
Tropical Computations in polymake2018-11-16Paper
Algorithms for tight spans and tropical linear spaces2018-11-01Paper
New counts for the number of triangulations of cyclic polytopes2018-08-17Paper
Parallel enumeration of triangulations2018-08-15Paper
Webs of stars or how to triangulate free sums of point configurations2018-07-26Paper
Polymake and Lattice Polytopes2018-07-23Paper
Log-Barrier Interior Point Methods Are Not Strongly Polynomial2018-06-12Paper
A tropical isoperimetric inequality2018-04-20Paper
The degree of a tropical basis2018-01-29Paper
Polytope Propagation on Graphs2017-11-23Paper
Polymake: an approach to modular software design in computational geometry2017-09-29Paper
Computing convex hulls and counting integer points with \texttt{polymake}2017-08-15Paper
Matroids from hypersimplex splits2017-07-13Paper
Leibniz and the Garden2016-12-13Paper
DGD Gallery: Storage, Sharing, and Publication of Digital Research Data2016-11-14Paper
Book review of: D. Maclagan and B. Sturmfels, Introduction to tropical geometry2016-11-02Paper
The polymake XML File Format2016-09-28Paper
Rigid multiview varieties2016-07-15Paper
Moduli of tropical plane curves2016-05-31Paper
Linear Programs and Convex Hulls Over Fields of Puiseux Fractions2016-05-25Paper
Weighted digraphs and tropical cones2016-04-21Paper
Tropicalizing the Simplex Algorithm2015-11-27Paper
On the beginnings of a Fields Medallist2015-05-18Paper
Foldable Triangulations of Lattice Polygons2015-04-21Paper
Moduli of tropical plane curves2015-04-09Paper
Combinatorial Simplex Algorithms Can Solve Mean Payoff Games2015-04-08Paper
Defect polytopes and counter-examples with polymake2015-02-20Paper
Dressians, tropical Grassmannians, and their rays2014-11-12Paper
Smooth Fano polytopes with many vertices2014-10-29Paper
Heuristics for Sphere Recognition2014-09-08Paper
Long and winding central paths2014-05-16Paper
Frontiers of sphere recognition in practice2014-05-15Paper
From Kepler to Hales, and back to Hilbert2013-04-17Paper
Algorithms for highly symmetric linear and integer programs2013-03-18Paper
Computing the bounded subcomplex of an unbounded polyhedron2013-03-12Paper
Polyhedral and algebraic methods in computational geometry2012-12-03Paper
Erratum to: polytopes with many splits and their secondary fans2012-11-20Paper
Polytopes with many splits and their secondary fans2012-11-20Paper
Tropical types and associated cellular resolutions2012-10-29Paper
Wer zahlt gewinnt2011-05-31Paper
Drawing polytopal graphs with {\texttt{polymake}}2010-11-03Paper
Flexible Object Hierarchies in Polymake2010-09-14Paper
Totally splittable polytopes2010-06-21Paper
Tropical and ordinary convexity combined2010-05-06Paper
Tropical Convex Hull Computations2009-10-12Paper
How to draw tropical planes2009-07-08Paper
Splitting Polytopes2009-02-12Paper
Affine Buildings and Tropical Convexity2008-01-10Paper
Neighborly cubical polytopes and spheres2007-09-03Paper
Convex hulls, oracles, and homology2007-08-24Paper
Computing Optimal Discrete Morse Functions2007-05-29Paper
Products of foldable triangulations2007-04-13Paper
Computing Optimal Morse Matchings2006-06-01Paper
Complexes of discrete Morse functions2005-12-06Paper
One-point suspensions and wreath products of polytopes and spheres2005-06-23Paper
The group of projectivities and colouring of the facets of a simple polytope2004-03-11Paper
Branched coverings, triangulations, and 3-manifolds2003-05-15Paper
On the \(k\)-systems of a simple polytope2003-04-04Paper
Projectivities in simplicial complexes and colorings of simple polytopes2002-09-17Paper
Vertex-facet incidences of unbounded polyhedra2001-07-17Paper
Pseudo-ovals, elation Laguerre planes, and translation generalized quadrangles2001-01-09Paper
Compact connected translation generalized quadrangles2000-08-31Paper
Neighborly cubical polytopes2000-01-01Paper
Isotopy of polygonal domains for generalized polygons1999-07-14Paper
Translation generalized quadrangles1997-02-03Paper
Generalized polygons with highly transitive collineation groups1996-06-26Paper
An essay on the Ree octagons1995-05-11Paper
Slanted symplectic quadrangles1994-05-18Paper

Research outcomes over time

Doctoral students

Doctoral Student
Robert Löwe
Nikolaus Witte
Thilo Rörig
Sven Herrmann
Silke Horn
Katja Kulas
Katrin Herr
Benjamin Assarf
Georg Loho
Benjamin Schröter
André Wagner

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country of citizenshipGermany
doctoral advisorTheo Grundhöfer
doctoral studentRobert Löwe
doctoral studentNikolaus Witte
doctoral studentThilo Rörig
doctoral studentSven Herrmann
doctoral studentSilke Horn
doctoral studentKatja Kulas
doctoral studentKatrin Herr
doctoral studentBenjamin Assarf
doctoral studentGeorg Loho
doctoral studentBenjamin Schröter
doctoral studentAndré Wagner
educated atUniversity of Tübingen
employerTechnical University of Berlin
given nameMichael
instance ofhuman
languages spoken, written or signedGerman
member ofTübinger Wingolf
occupationuniversity teacher
place of birthIserlohn
sex or gendermale

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