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MaRDI TA5 Milestones Meeting 23.02.2024 @ ZIB

Goals of the meeting

  • We have an idea about how to reach the official milestones
  • Everybody is aware of the personal milestones
  • Some (all) technical points are discussed / solved
  • We have a plan about how to have better documentation


  1. Welcome
  2. Mission clarification
    1. What IS our mission in TA5? Connect papers/software AND data-sets?
      --> Make it easy to access and find the data produced by MaRDI TAs 1-4
  3. Milestone Planning
    1. What are our 2024 goals for MaRDI?
      --> Bring in content from TAs 1-4
    2. What are the official 2024 milestones?
    3. Who is doing what? (-> Personal Milestone Planning) PART1 - Presentations
  4. Open (technical) topics (see below)
  5. Documentation
    1. How to improve internal documentation?
      1. --> If possible, update the upstream documentation (e.g. MediaWiki) - and link it from our Wiki
      2. --> Use Rim as a test-person to check whether all needed information is documented on our Wiki
    2. How to improve documentation for external?
      1. --> Collect technical questions from other TAs and create documentation about it
      2. --> Start with a FAQ-like document (potentially link to more complex documentations from there)
  6. Outreach (to other SFBs, Math+, Libraries, ...)
    1. --> Connect better with: Math+, LifeDocs (Christoph Lehrenfeld), TU Darmstadt Library (Jens Freund)

(Technical) Topics to discuss

  • How to define items? --> Create a property ("mardi-profile") for each item that can be used to identify an item's type (software, formula, publication, ...)
    • How to define profile types?
    • Formulae
      • Which properties to use?
        • --> Same as DLMF
    • Papers
      • Current way of selecting papers in SPARQL queries by "has zbMath ID"? --> solved through the new "mardi-profile" property
      • How to link from a paper, as in "cites software"? / "uses dataset"?
      • How to link to a paper, as in "This data-set / software was used in this paper" (Now: in software-item we use "is described in" and in )
        • --> use the reverse 4510
    • Datasets
      • Which properties to use?
        • --> Larissa made a first draft; compatibility should be checked with Zenodo items; then implement it
      • How to link to a paper, as in "was used in paper"? (Is this necessary?)
        • --> as before for software
    • Software items (How can we query all of them - "instance of X" - what is X?)
      • "instance of software" is violating the WikiData hierarchy? (Software is quite high-level)
        • --> Solved by using the new "mardi-profile" property
  • arXiv Importer
    • What is the plan?
      • --> Use zbMath data about arXiv paper meta-data (blocker: API is not yet giving out that information)
      • Import of formulae (can we use an LLM to describe a particular formula? parameters etc.?)
        • --> Do this on a small sub-set of arXiv papers to showcase the idea
      • Import of paper-meta-data? (->Disambiguation)
        • Use zbMath data
    • Next steps?
      • --> Take 2..10 arXiv papers, extract formulas, add to MaRDI KG, try Moritz's formula search service
      • --> Discuss results and see whether this is useful at all
  • LLMs for MaRDI portal
    • What is the overall plan?
    • What is the status?
      • Chat-Bot (LLM to query the portal)
  • How to integrate more of the cool Scholia stuff? (Simple example: number of citations of a paper, see e.g.
    • --> Define what "cool" Scholia stuff is
    • --> For the citation example: Use available services such as to get needed meta-data
  • Zenodo importer (for Math+ integration)
    • What is the plan?
      • Set-up workflow to harvest the Math+ Zenodo Community items
  • Workflows for periodic updates (for any source we have)
    • --> Use the Zenodo example as demontrator
  • zbMath MSC Keyword import? (We only have the IDs)
    • --> Put the ID<->Keyword relatins in SQL database to avoid license issues
  • Wikidata graph split
    • --> If this happens, Scholia might become disfunctional on many of the queries
  • Licensing
    • Put a "general" this is our licensing strategy page on our Wiki
  • Author disambiguation
  • OKMaps
  • environmental footprint