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Whenever a new MaRDI TA5 Team member (referred as person here) is starting at the project, several steps have to be taken. This gives an overview on the steps and the persons assigned.

We can send this sheet or a screenshot of it whenever a new person is started to everybody involved, so that all steps are clear.

Step Prerequisites Responsible Comment Done
Adding person to Github repositories GitHub Account created by person and username known. Moritz L, D, E, Litesh
Adding person to T5 developers Team GitHub Account created by person Moritz L, D, E, Litesh
Basic Overview with Introduction Slides Madhurima L, D, E , Litesh
Adding Person to collaborative platform Renita this includes: E-Mail, MaRDI (,

Nextcloud (MaRDI-Cloud) and GitLab, also add person to urgent_ta5@mardi4nfdi alias

WIAS IT will Users and Email accounts on notification.

L, D,E
Add person to Rocket Chat Renita to NFDI Chat: L,D,E
Add person to mardi-dienstag mailing list Renita Mailinglist is this one: [[1]] L,D,E
Technical introduction to portal-compose and main components (Meeting) Moritz Technical introduction to portal-compose and main components L, D
User account for (and private group assignment) Larissa Create Account for person on Portal with Admin, assign admin rights to account. (Special:CreateAccount) L,D,Litesh
Create a ZIB Account (for Jira and Confluence at ZIB) Larissa L, D
Grafana Access and Traefik Access Access to MaRDI-Cloud

and access to keyfile in cloud.

Temp Larissa Access is in keyfile. Short Introduction. L,D
Portainer Account and Access Moritz Create Portainer extra account and introduce url. L,D,E,Litesh
Invite person to the scrum-events in Zoom Moritz L, D, E, Litesh
Introduce Deployment Process Access to MaRDI-Cloud and Portainer Accountr Moritz L,D, E
Explain Scrum and Ticket workflow (Meeting) Moritz L,D,E
Get VPN Access from ZIB Larissa Starting point is here [2] L, D
SSH Access for Person to mardi02, mardi03 server (ZIB) VPN Access Larissa L, ~D
Have an official introduction in the weekly person in scrum-events Madhurima L, D
Introduction to Nextcloud and Encrypted Storage File person in nextcloud Madhurima L, D,E