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On the MaRDI portal, the property MaRDI profile type (P1460) and several flavours of MaRDI profile type (Q5976451) are in use to facilitate exploration of the data contained in the underlying knowledge graph.

These types are:

Individual items in the graph can then be annotated as to which MaRDI profile type they should be combined with, as demoed here.

Add a new profile type

  1. Create template (Tim)
  2. Create profile item (Eloi / Daniel)
  3. Add namespace
  4. Adjust config in LocalSettings
    // examples
  5. Add SPARQL query if necessary, also in LocalSettings
    // example
    $wgMathProfileQueries['dataset']='?item wdt:P1460 wd:Q5984635';
  6. Trigger manual rerun of page creation (for now)
    mardi-test-user@mardi02:~/portal-compose$ docker compose exec -T wikibase /var/www/html/maintenance/run /var/www/html/extensions/MathSearch/maintenance/ProfilePages create <namespace>

To do

Create new profile types

Modify existing profile types

  • dataset
    • Add a URL pointing to the dataset

Improve documentation

This refers to the profile-specific templates and modules as well as to help pages.

  • All profile types