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Basic Info

Attendees: Moritz, Tim, Olaf, Johannes, Larissa, David, (Eloi on vacation)

Protocol by: David

Last week progress

Johannes: formula search progress (Presentation)

  • formulas are indexed directly, thus calling maintenance scripts is not required anymore in order to find new formulas
  • formula data base is made persistent via xml export cronjob; before data was only kept in memory


  • work on minor issues, e.g., Wiki permission errors
  • Literature


  • fixed memory issues of wikidata entity import
  • improved wikidata property import

Literature Review Topics

  • Tim and Moritz decided that Tim and David will take the lead for the review article and will make initial suggestions for structure and scope
  • discussion on structuring the work, some points:
    • Johannes has objections, prefers deciding the structure together
    • David feels this has been attempted a couple of times but led nowhere
      • (Comment JS: The attempts have been answered as far as they have been possible to answer in short time in the dailies, there was also the proposal by me to have a dedicated meeting on research and several proposals to have a more extended structuring in case this is necessary to get on with the work on literature review. All efforts to have more structure and from my sight also all efforts in the literature review at zib have been postponed, because in the daily an information was given, that Tim will have implications on further structuring soon and that discussions in the GitHub thread won't make sense at the moment. With this information at hand, the team had to to wait although i'm convinced we are able to at least create an intermediate structure to go on.)
    • Mortiz says from prior experience it is important that someone takes responsibility
    • Larissa appreciates more input/guidance on what to actually do
  • lead will not decide content in top-down manner, which will be decided by the team, but takes care of organizational, procedural, structural concerns
  • conceptual lead coincides with lead author (Johannes objects, says lead author should be determined later according to work put into the article)
    • Comment JS: This has not been decided yet, i would put a questionmark on that. Or put it in the terms "There has been a discussion if conceptual lead coincides with the first author"
  • objections are noted

Organizational Topics

communication with other TAs


  • MaRDI Tuesday -> Johannes

Determine TA contact person, as soon as someone works on an issue related to a TA

  • TA3: Eloi is nominated
  • TA1, 2, 4: Moritz/Tim until further notice


  • David will take care of communication with ZIB IT for authentication/openstack


Discussion of epics refer to github

Planned work for the current week

  • Johannes: formula search
  • Larissa: integration of docker importer in portal-compose
  • David: file upload permissions & metrics feasibility; discuss auth with Moritz and review with Tim
  • ZIB faction: poster start