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Attendees: Larissa, Tim, Eloi, Johannes, David, Moritz, Olaf

Protocol: David, some supplements added by Johannes (tagged as JS)


  • Eloi: live presentation of new actualization/sync functionality for CRAN packages
  • Johannes: live presentation of formula search/mathsearch progress: now also running on production
  • David: brief update: File upload fixed, improvements of backup tools
  • Larissa: brief update: progress finalizing ZBMath import and integrating Docker importer in portal-compose
  • Moritz: MW update to version 1.39 (prefer WMF branches!)

Organizational topics

  • Proposition: discuss milestones -> 1/month in the weekly
  • Data life cycles and DOIs -> Moritz (cf. github issues)

Review article

  • Presentation (Tim): First proposition (by Tim, Moritz, David) for the structure, objectives and methods
  • Moritz:
    • it is important to determine evaluation criteria; e.g. FAIR data principles
    • a contribution of the article should be an evaluation methodology that could be applied in other contexts, too
  • Details will be discussed in the next weekly (20.6.)
  • First TODO: have a look at the list of data platforms in the appendix
  • Discussion of authorship of scientific articles, how the order is determined, etc.
  • JS: Short outline of recommendations and guidelines for good scientific practice by DFG/ZIB/Uni Göttingen/Leibniz Institutes which all conclude that usually all authors are responsible for the content of a publication,- and some of them (Uni Göttingen) also state that the order of authors should be a common decision of all authors. All the recommendations can be accessed publicly on the corresponding websites.
  • Tim/Moritz: David takes lead and responsibility and is therefore first author in accordance with "lived practice" (this may be changed if he does not fulfill his responsibilities)
  • JS (on the question of Tim if anybody has objections to the previous statement): I agree with current responsibilities as long as there is the possibility for anybody to get first author according to their contributions to the review-publication.


  • Johannes: formulasearch / MathML
  • Eloi: CRAN importer finalization
  • Larissa: ZBMath importer
  • David: Backup, DFN-AAI/Cluster clarification

Next Weekly

  • milestones planning
  • discuss review article: how to proceed