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Attendees: Moritz, Tim, Olaf, Larissa, Johannes, David

Protocol: David


  • JS: reimplementation of Ast in php
  • LP: wikibase integrator python package, debugging

Current topics

Goals of TA5

  • Report of project planning meeting Tim/Moritz
  • Definition of, e.g., quarterly, milestones and the big picture will be presented shortly
  • -> Less micromanagement, more freedom and responsibility/involvement for workers
  • Moritz: have conversation of how personal goals can be realized within the project (main goal); expresses the wish that the project should grow from "within"; devs should ideally decide themselves the form of the workflow/communication
  • We should be aware that we have achieved a lot already and are already successful!
  • Johannes: "micromanagement" is not associated with the dailies; dailies are not work control, but a form of communication.

TA4 workflow/Marco

  • no progress, Marco will report back once they have a more concrete idea

Presentation MaRDI Tuesday

  • already clarified

Literature Review

  • Tim will take the lead, filter/sort the table and give instructions
  • comment JS: it would have helped to have a sick leave replacement


  • JS: Continue Ast implementation
  • LP: wikibase integrator WIP
  • DN: plan handing over of tasks