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Attendees: Moritz, Tim, Larissa, Johannes, David, Eloi

Protocol: Larissa


  • JS: implemented more classes for TexVC for Math extension
  • DN: implemented statistics tool (log analyzer) go access ( which reads traefik logs
    • e.g. get IPs and city of users
    • introduced log rotation at host system
    • Future: Look at tracing
  • EF: was on holiday
  • LP: solved bug from last time, write to database works now

Current topics

Goals of TA5

  • Tim prepared overview over milestones
  • made/is going to make slides for due dates for official milestones
  • next week, there will be an overview about what is missing according to the time plan
  • planned template for 6 months forecast (still working on it)
  • people working on different milestones/being in charge of them
  • also planned: define internal milestones/usecases
    • Moritz: complete lit review and derive internal milestones

Literature Review

  • until Wednesday, missing column (include yes/no) should be filled out
    • soft criteria: e.g. absolute number of math data
  • be careful with grammar etc when writing paragraphs
  • deadline: write paragraphs this week in latex document


  • JS: Continue TexVC class implementation
  • LP: review paragraphs and wikibase integrator
  • DN: organizational; finish open tasks like review and log-stuff, answer questions
  • EF: get up to date with progress made while on holidays and test  if import of CRAN packages into production works