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Basic Info

Attendees: Johannes, Daniel, Moritz, Eloi

Protocol: Eloi


  • Presentation round to present the team to Daniel and short explanation on how the weekly meetings work.
  • Presentation on what have we been working on:
    • Johannes: Improving accessibility of mathematical formulas. This includes adapting HTML/MathML source code from wikipages to enable reading for screen readers. Also, implementation of formula search functionality for the portal.
    • Eloi: Import and synchronization of metadata from CRAN repository. Creation of entities in the local MaRDI wikibase instance.

Discussion on strategy regarding integration to Wikidata: Why not directly create entities in Wikidata vs. Integration at the end of the project. For instance, the CRAN project property at wikidata can be relevant.

Current status is to transfer data from the MaRDI knowledge graph to Wikidata towards the end of the project (Research/Selection of appropriate tools is required).

Short discussion on available tools to feed data into a Wikibase instance: (see Quickstatements and Quest, useful among other things for disambiguation).

Suggestion: Special meeting with Daniel to discuss Wikidata add-ons and current developments that can be relevant to our use cases.

Organizational topics

  • Milestones:
    • Milestone presentation has been uploaded at github. To be discussed with Tim.
  • Analytics discussion:
    • Short presentation of Matomo metrics.
    • Plausible could be deleted but we should decide which metrics do we need (e.g. edits, items, visits, ...)
    • Not a milestone, ongoing task to show how the portal grows, identify used features, etc.

Literature Review Topics

Paragraphs corresponding to the first selection of platforms have been written.

Write comments directly on the table if inconsistencies are identified or clarifications are required.